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  • Australian Firm Vicinity To Trial Blockchain Solar Power Blockchain Project

    Vicinity a $42 Billion in total real estate management, touts it will be testing a new blockchain project that will measure it’s solar power grid’s energy needs to figure out if it will stay with it’s solar panel project or move to the national energy grid.

    The blockchain platform, that will be delivered by Power Ledger, will allow for energy distribution in real time, thus forth, giving Vicinity the data it needs to make it’s energy distribution needs.

    The Energy Industry Is All About Blockchain Love

    Power Ledger is an Australian renewable energy company that is using the blockchain for energy peer 2 peer energy trading, the company is also involved in energy trading pilots in US, Japan and Thailand.

    Mainly most energy companies are using the blockchain for energy consumption monitoring and cryptocurrency rewards for those who use renewable energy.

Google To Reverse Cryptocurrency Ad Bans For US And Japan Exchanges

CNBC reports that Google has reversed it’s cryptocurrency ban on US and Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

In March of 2018, Google announced it was going to be restricting the ads for any cryptocurrency related content, in efforts to stem the fraudulent ICO sales and other high profile scams.

Can’t Make Ad Revenue Off Nothing

Google has since reversed it’s ruling and is allowing cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise if they’re in the US or Japan. Interested parties will need to apply for certification to server ads in each country individually.

Google has followed Facebook, in the recent approval of cryptocurrency ads in June 2018. Google’s parent company Alphabet gets approximately 85% of it’s total revenue from Adwords platform and in the 1st half of 2018 the company totaled more than $54 Billion in ad revenue.

Streaming Platform Play2Live Start Beta Testing Of It’s Blockchain

Play2Live has launched it’s closed beta testing of it’s own blockchain platform for streaming. Currently Play2Live is in it’s user buildup phase, gathering interest from gamers and influencers alike. The concept hopes to have tokens available for purchase and earning through the platform itself and said tokens can be used for everything from voting, tipping, and even paying for special tasks to be completed by the streamer themselves.

A CDN For Speed and Neural Net Indeed

Play2Live Has Implemented A CDN To Speed Up Content Delivery And also at the time of their closed beta launch, announced the buy back of LUC tokens, 10 million to 100 million LUC are redeemed by the exchanges themselves for 0.05 cents per LUC.

A Neural net has been developed as well, to help monitor the video streams and help with task monitoring.

Gaming Competitions On The Blockchain!

Competitions have already begun, such as Cryptomasters that was launched in Feb 2018, it’s an exciting time we are in, and the future of technology just keeps unfolding in front of us!



How Copyright On The Blockchain Might Work

Can anyone post my content without my permission?

  • Not currently, however the future is full of disruption, and content is at the heart of such.
    • It’s a technical issue preventing content from being distributed, but the technology to change this isn’t that difficult and is only a matter of time before content copyright issues spring up on the blockchain.

Copyright Laws Outside Of The Blockchain Scope

  • It varies greatly from country to country, however copyright protection is generally applied when content was created

How Copyright Could Be Officially Used On The Blockchain

  • Governments around the world would want to participate and utilized this technology, as it will reduce costs of frivolousness lawsuits

How Industries Could Get Involved

  • Using the blockchain and even existing or new altcoins, industries could leverage copyrighted material to garner further interest in new products, streaming services, create a better more accurate pay per view for ad content and even inhouse offerings.

Social Media Posts And Copyrights

  • This is the muddy water part of copyright, some content is still not clearly distinguished even by the WIPO ( World Intellectual Property Organization ) and will need to be further researched to come to a equal and just outcome.

Copyright Rule Exceptions

  • As with everything, there will be exceptions, you cannot have a future where nothing is freely expressed, nor can you have a future where everything is owned and controlled, a balance is needed and this is where that balance takes shape.
  • It will be interesting to see how the future of blockchain copyright and it’s exceptions will play out, but one thing is for sure, there will be more clear and fair oversight in the matter ongoing.



Hackers Steal $59 Million From Japanese Exchange

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked, $59 Million in Losses Reported
Image Via CoinTelegraph

The Cryptocurrency Exchange Caif has reported that $59 Million dollars in cryptocurrencies was stolen via a breach in security where hot wallets were able to be accessed and drained.

On September 14th 2018 –

  • 4.5 Billion yen was stolen from hot wallets
  • 2.2 Billion yen was stolen from the exchange themselves
  • totaling 6.7 Billion yen or $59 Million Dollars.

Source –

Blockchain Powered Electric Vehicles That Can Mine Altcoins Too!

Startup Launches Blockchain Powered Electric Vehicles That Mine Cryptocurrency
Image Via CoinTelegraph

Yes, you read that right, electric cars, powered by the blockchain that can mine cryptocurrency too, sounds like a dream come true to many, however, we know there is always more to the story.

Cointelegraph released a story about a Singapore startup company that intends on launching these blockchain mining electric vehicles.

Operating Business with ICO launched

CyClean says it’s already up and running, and is preparing to launch solar panels and an e-bike. The company has it’s cryptocurrency listed on the HitBTC exchange, and is currently reporting that it’s the highest trading ICO token on the exchange.

Energy Efficiency

Using the blockchain, the company could easily monitor and work on perfecting their electricity needs and even use their mining platform to help regulate their miners energy usage. A lot of eyes will be on CyClean and many others like them over the next few years, while the IoTs sector heats up.

Cloudflare Introduces New Decentralized Content Gateway

Major Content Delivery Network Introduces Decentralized Content Gateway
Image Via: CoinTelegraph

This is a big deal, it means that Cloudflare will now have the ability to distribute content via it’s Interplanetary File System ( IPFS ),  with a distributed web gateway, you could securely view files from anyone, anywhere in the world using the SAME address, so a reduction in fraud and fake newsites could be a positive at 1st glance.

Nothing is needed to download

Before you can view files / webpages hosted on IPFS. That’s a pretty nice deal, not having to download anything and just using a url prefix to attach you’re content to can be seen as a nice switch from previous social media / networking platforms efforts. We will see how this unfolds, but the future of blockchain possibilities is upon us.

Interested? Give it a go yourself!

You can try it yourself by reading more about this on cloudflares information portal. Or read more about the article with Cointelegraph –

Beware of Cryptojacking

Yes, Cryptojacking, it’s a real thing, What is cryptojacking?

So basically, it’s when a browser, application, or other connected medium, is hijacked via a script in most cases and used to mine cryptocurrency and send to a desired wallet address. Often it targets poorly managed CMS websites, that almost never get updated, but often email phishing attacks and even social engineering attempts have been made to just get users to click a link and let the script take care of the rest.

Cryptocurrency Cryptojacking is a big deal in India and even has been worldwide with the latest issue from ” Coinhive Cryptojacking Script Issue ” it’s been a real problem.

Best thing you can do is to be vigilant, and knowledgeable, stay informed and educated about current threats an how to avoid them.

Remember if you want to avoid cryptojacking never:

  • Click on unknown links in emails
  • Use untrusted applications or broswer extensions
  • Forget to update Outdated web products like CMS ( wordpress, and applications)

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