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  • Apple Removes Top Ranked Crypto Podcast

    Many are scratching their heads at the recent mysterious removal of the number 4th rated podcast on the iTunes Store. The podcast named ” Off The Chain ” by Morgan Creek Digital Partner and a Crypto analyst ” Anthony ‘pomp’ Pompliano was reported to be removed on November 5th 2018, for reasons undisclosed.

    The podcast is still available on Google Play and other 3rd party podcasting platforms, however on Apple it is not available.

    Is Apple Thinking about entering the cryptocurrency podcast space?

    Steve Wozniak, has announced publicly that as a co-founder of a recently launched blockchain focused venture capitalist fund ” EQUI Global ” that they’re endorsing Bitcoin and argued that it’s the only ” pure digital gold “.

    The future is unwritten in the blockchain world, and seems more big players are finding even more areas to seed for future development.  The media airwaves is shaping up to have more competition, in any rate, the more discussions that are had, the closer to worldwide adoption we grow near.