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  • The Cryptocurrency Consistency Delima

    Currently if you look around the crypto world, you’d see what you think are a large amount of people working on and towards the same concepts, however, this is not the case. The cryptocurrency community, isn’t all talking the same language, when it comes to rules, regulations, terminology, whitepapers, templates, blockchains, wallets, exchanges and ICOs, … Read More

    Too Hodl Or Not To Hodl

    Understanding whether or not you should hodl ( hold ) your cryptocurrency is often the most frustrating questions around, unless you do your homework and realize prices and interest coupled with innovation in the wild.  Currently BTC is among the lowest it’s been since it’s skyrocketing price of $20,000, Many back then bought and held, … Read More

    Cryptocurrency Problems To Fix Before Mass Adoption

    Why hasn’t mass adoption taken the altcoin ecospace by storm yet?  Simply put, there are still too many problems than there are advantages.  What are some of the cryptocurrency adoption problems?  Too Many Unregistered Cryptocurrency Exchanges  With the amount of exchanges out there, dealing with altcoins, and not being registered, the amount of manipulation is … Read More

    The Cryptocurrency Adoption Dilemma

    The landscape has sure changed, from 2012 times, when you could order a 50 – 100 dollar bitcoin miner and make a few thousand dollars from it alone. We now have multi-billion dollar market caps for some altcoins, yet we have something that hasn’t changed, the thought that when you have some cryptocurrency, you need … Read More

    Kaspersky Says Botnets Are Being Repurposed For Cryptojacking

    What exactly is Cryptojacking? Well it’s the act of hijacking a computer for the sole reason to mine cryptocurrency. The act is actually very profitable, despite illegal, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, says Kaspersky. Bitnets are increasingly being pointed towards illegal software in hopes to hijack unsuspecting users of pirated software. The … Read More