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  • Pay Ohio State Taxes In Bitcoin As It Becomes 1st To Allow

    Now if you live in Ohio, you can pay your state taxes in Bitcoin! Yes you heard that right, Ohio has become the 1st to allow for the payment of various taxes in Bitcoin, from tobacco sales tax to public utilities taxes. There are catches of course, such as, a 3 phased process to even be able to pay in Bitcoin.

    • First step is, businesses need to register with the office of the Ohio treasurer, using the dedicated portal ( )
    • Second step is, to enter tax details such as payment amount and tax period
    • Third step is, to pay the amount due in Bitcoin using a ” compatible ” cryptocurrency wallet.

    Compatible wallets include the Bitcoin Core client, Mycelium and breadwallet, and others that are compatible with the Bitcoin Payment Protocol.

    Other States Consider Ohio’s Move

    Illinois, Arizona, and Georgia were also considering the same move,¬† however all three fell short of votes, due to a lack of understanding on cryptocurrency in general, said Georgia’s Senator Mike Williams.

    Ohio has also been working on other blockchain technologies to be brought into the legal limelight, such as data stored and transacted on the blockchain, which is what we all need, if we want to even think about a universal basic income for all!

    Ohio, also pitched a future hub for blockchain, in efforts to garner further attention from companies looking to invest. The future is ripe for growth if we are starting to see such traction take place, even amidst a cryptocurrency price fall such as recently.

The ICO Cease And Desist Wave, Claims More Victims

The recent ICO boom that was seen in almost every corner of the world, has had the other shoe drop. Now many of those ICOs are facing cease and desist orders from the various states they were conceived in. The latest four were a product of Colorado’s security regulator clamp down on fraudulent ICOs.

The fraud claim, is based on false information listed on the ICOs websites, about false promises, profits that could be made and other bogus information in order to entice users to pay into the scam offering. With this recent 4, that makes Colorado’s total of ICO cease and desist orders to 18.

Not All ICOs Are Created Equal

With all the negative press about ICOs, it’s no wonder many are angry about them if brought up in a conversation, but remember, ICOs have a real use case in our world, they are the equivalent of angel investors and startup backers, without such operating in the legit sphere, we would miss out of many chances to innovate upon the progress that has already been made.

It’s a great time to be interested in cryptocurrency, especially since now we are having more self regulating and self correcting aspects of the technology start to push to the forefront.

Do your research, understand what an ICO is about before making a judgement, the next ICO you look at, could be one that changes cryptocurrency for the better!

Bakkt To Delay Launch Of Highly Anticipated Bitcoin Futures Trading

Bakkt’s CEO Kelly Loeffler explained that the volume of interest in the company and the work required to get all the pieces in place are contributing to the delay of the highly anticipated bitcoin futures trading platform.

Basically the normal huff and puff of a product launch have caught up with Bakkt, and the projected date is now Jan 24th 2019.

Stay Tuned For Further Updates

The company is striving towards the building of an institutional grade cryptocurrency warehouse and they believe they’re making the 1st major step in building confidence in this new asset class, which is what many in the community are hoping.

We’re all in this for mass adoption, and the betterment of worldwide economic processing. Bakkt has previously announced it was working with BCG, Microsoft, and Starbucks and are providing assistance in both customer experience and risk management for the new product.

Mattereum a blockchain startup wants to own everything!

Not directly, the blockchain platform startup Mattereum, wants to bridge the gap between the blockchain and physical goods, in efforts to allow for the ownership of physical items that are tracked on the blockchain. So if say someone wants to sell a rare comic book, they can go through the blockchain to do so, which will allow for that comic book to have a verifiable token of authenticity, which would in one fell swoop remove a lot of the counterfeit memorabilia items from markets globally.

What this means isn’t just authenticity re imagined, but also multiple buyers could ” invest ” in one item, as if it was a stock or split dinner bill, with no issue on ownership. The overall way items are bought and sold could change whole paradigms, allowing for payments for artwork to be done via gallery admissions, instead of direct purchasing, or else ways for reward systems to actually have worth while rewards, like a percentage ownership on objects that would retain value and be able to be sold off whenever the purchaser desired.

What is the difference between trying to do this now, than with what Mattereum is proposing?

A whole lotta paperwork, human hassle and uncertainty, the amount of lawsuits and other time holding factors would make an attempt in today’s realm a downright nightmare. It’s no wonder why, look at how such a process would have to go down, you’d need many people acting as escrow, mediums, and you’re going to need a means of trust ( good luck with that ) and that’s is everything went 100% smoothly, which in real life we know isn’t something that happens often.

We wish Mattereum luck in their future endeavor, and hope that more applications and groups are focusing efforts in likeminded projects, since our current state of trust and liability needs more work than humanity is able to by our lonesome.

Global Bitcoin Adoption Could Lead To Increased Global Warming

You heard that right, but how exactly could worldwide bitcoin adoption, lead to global warming? Simple, mining, that very act of mining bitcoin, could be what causes the increase in temperature. If more and more people buy hardware to handle the transaction needs for all those new bitcoin users, the excess of all those devices solving transactions could be the issue.

But I thought The Goal Was Worldwide Adoption?

The end game is to have everyone on the planet ( and then some ) use bitcoin, however, the issue of mining needs to be resolved. Not only for the global warming aspect, but for the future of adoption, since right now, the days of buying a $40.00 bitcoin miner and making a profit off that within a month is over. So how do you encourage all those new miners to the bitcoin community?

Alternative Ways Of Cryptocurrency Mining

Currently, there are a few ways to mine cryptocurrency, using various mathematical proofs, and a device that solves said mathematical equations to resolve the difficulty puzzle. The device used to solve the difficulty puzzle is what is causing the alarm, and really just means our electrical devices will need to be made that much more efficient or other ways of mining will quickly disrupt the industry, with so much money at stake, it won’t be long.

The Future Of Cryptocurrency Mining

The future of all technology is amazing, just like what is going on with Bitcoinereum but the future of cryptocurrency has the potential to fastforward the human race by decades, with so much money on the table, just waiting for disruption, it’s no wonder there is already a push to find more efficient ways to mine at a increase to the profit margin!

Australian Firm Vicinity To Trial Blockchain Solar Power Blockchain Project

Vicinity a $42 Billion in total real estate management, touts it will be testing a new blockchain project that will measure it’s solar power grid’s energy needs to figure out if it will stay with it’s solar panel project or move to the national energy grid.

The blockchain platform, that will be delivered by Power Ledger, will allow for energy distribution in real time, thus forth, giving Vicinity the data it needs to make it’s energy distribution needs.

The Energy Industry Is All About Blockchain Love

Power Ledger is an Australian renewable energy company that is using the blockchain for energy peer 2 peer energy trading, the company is also involved in energy trading pilots in US, Japan and Thailand.

Mainly most energy companies are using the blockchain for energy consumption monitoring and cryptocurrency rewards for those who use renewable energy.

Streaming Platform Play2Live Start Beta Testing Of It’s Blockchain

Play2Live has launched it’s closed beta testing of it’s own blockchain platform for streaming. Currently Play2Live is in it’s user buildup phase, gathering interest from gamers and influencers alike. The concept hopes to have tokens available for purchase and earning through the platform itself and said tokens can be used for everything from voting, tipping, and even paying for special tasks to be completed by the streamer themselves.

A CDN For Speed and Neural Net Indeed

Play2Live Has Implemented A CDN To Speed Up Content Delivery And also at the time of their closed beta launch, announced the buy back of LUC tokens, 10 million to 100 million LUC are redeemed by the exchanges themselves for 0.05 cents per LUC.

A Neural net has been developed as well, to help monitor the video streams and help with task monitoring.

Gaming Competitions On The Blockchain!

Competitions have already begun, such as Cryptomasters that was launched in Feb 2018, it’s an exciting time we are in, and the future of technology just keeps unfolding in front of us!



How Copyright On The Blockchain Might Work

Can anyone post my content without my permission?

  • Not currently, however the future is full of disruption, and content is at the heart of such.
    • It’s a technical issue preventing content from being distributed, but the technology to change this isn’t that difficult and is only a matter of time before content copyright issues spring up on the blockchain.

Copyright Laws Outside Of The Blockchain Scope

  • It varies greatly from country to country, however copyright protection is generally applied when content was created

How Copyright Could Be Officially Used On The Blockchain

  • Governments around the world would want to participate and utilized this technology, as it will reduce costs of frivolousness lawsuits

How Industries Could Get Involved

  • Using the blockchain and even existing or new altcoins, industries could leverage copyrighted material to garner further interest in new products, streaming services, create a better more accurate pay per view for ad content and even inhouse offerings.

Social Media Posts And Copyrights

  • This is the muddy water part of copyright, some content is still not clearly distinguished even by the WIPO ( World Intellectual Property Organization ) and will need to be further researched to come to a equal and just outcome.

Copyright Rule Exceptions

  • As with everything, there will be exceptions, you cannot have a future where nothing is freely expressed, nor can you have a future where everything is owned and controlled, a balance is needed and this is where that balance takes shape.
  • It will be interesting to see how the future of blockchain copyright and it’s exceptions will play out, but one thing is for sure, there will be more clear and fair oversight in the matter ongoing.