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  • The Rise Of The Consumer Via Decentralized Blockchains

    Bitcoin has come along way, and so have the altcoin ecosystem. Many altcoins have fallen to be a fraction of their worth, to some being powerhouses of the cyrptocurrency world. New technologies and patents alongside big companies such as IBM, Deloitte, Walmart, NewEgg, and many more have joined ranks with new startsups to form some unique alliances. Tokenized tracking systems for food storage to transcontinental shipping monitoring, the new wave of fresh ideas flooding the investor space is something not seen since the dotcom boom.

    Think outside the blockchain with Mesh Networks

    Some companies have decided it’s more fun to unite the many altcoins, and have been working towards such a goal. Such as these alternatives to conventional internet providers, internet via any mobile device and one where you get paid to share your connection:

    • Blockmesh  – a device to device mesh network on the blockchain to establish a communications network where otherwise would be difficult, operating via bluetooh and wifi.
    • Rightmesh  – a device to device mesh network on the blockchain to establish a communications network where otherwise would be difficult, operating via bluetooh and wifi.
    • Smartmesh – An participation based earning ad-hoc mesh network on the blockchain, established via radio signals on mobile devices.

    Yet not many have been seen trying to create a sustainable cryptocurrency future, instead of a dominance, and if you think about the way technology evolves, it’s safe to think there will be a need for multiple blockchains all doing different things, needing inter connectivity and a baseline to communicate / transact with.

    A Future With More Choices and Less Restriction

    By allowing more companies the ability to track and monitor costs, they’ll be forced to pass that down to the consumers or face the competition of startups, doing exactly that, at a bigger profit than themselves. By monitoring costs, companies can more efficiently carry out daily operations, while reducing the amount of overhead needed, where otherwise little bits here and there aren’t tracked and add up in the end.

    The blockchain will also allow media companies the ability to provide just what the consumer wants or give their business to the competitor. The ability to track and mesh the micro-transactions of royalties, ads, data purchases will make consumer marketing that much easier, passing the savings and new features to the consumer, with less strings and more on demand service.

    Altogether the blockchain can allow for movie and tv networks to directly sell shows to the consumer, much like they’re doing now, but on a much more broader basis and without much effort by the consumer, the key to sales in general, don’t be a burden to your consumers or face bankruptcy.

Australian Firm Vicinity To Trial Blockchain Solar Power Blockchain Project

Vicinity a $42 Billion in total real estate management, touts it will be testing a new blockchain project that will measure it’s solar power grid’s energy needs to figure out if it will stay with it’s solar panel project or move to the national energy grid.

The blockchain platform, that will be delivered by Power Ledger, will allow for energy distribution in real time, thus forth, giving Vicinity the data it needs to make it’s energy distribution needs.

The Energy Industry Is All About Blockchain Love

Power Ledger is an Australian renewable energy company that is using the blockchain for energy peer 2 peer energy trading, the company is also involved in energy trading pilots in US, Japan and Thailand.

Mainly most energy companies are using the blockchain for energy consumption monitoring and cryptocurrency rewards for those who use renewable energy.

Blockchain Powered Electric Vehicles That Can Mine Altcoins Too!

Startup Launches Blockchain Powered Electric Vehicles That Mine Cryptocurrency
Image Via CoinTelegraph

Yes, you read that right, electric cars, powered by the blockchain that can mine cryptocurrency too, sounds like a dream come true to many, however, we know there is always more to the story.

Cointelegraph released a story about a Singapore startup company that intends on launching these blockchain mining electric vehicles.

Operating Business with ICO launched

CyClean says it’s already up and running, and is preparing to launch solar panels and an e-bike. The company has it’s cryptocurrency listed on the HitBTC exchange, and is currently reporting that it’s the highest trading ICO token on the exchange.

Energy Efficiency

Using the blockchain, the company could easily monitor and work on perfecting their electricity needs and even use their mining platform to help regulate their miners energy usage. A lot of eyes will be on CyClean and many others like them over the next few years, while the IoTs sector heats up.

Cloudflare Introduces New Decentralized Content Gateway

Major Content Delivery Network Introduces Decentralized Content Gateway
Image Via: CoinTelegraph

This is a big deal, it means that Cloudflare will now have the ability to distribute content via it’s Interplanetary File System ( IPFS ),  with a distributed web gateway, you could securely view files from anyone, anywhere in the world using the SAME address, so a reduction in fraud and fake newsites could be a positive at 1st glance.

Nothing is needed to download

Before you can view files / webpages hosted on IPFS. That’s a pretty nice deal, not having to download anything and just using a url prefix to attach you’re content to can be seen as a nice switch from previous social media / networking platforms efforts. We will see how this unfolds, but the future of blockchain possibilities is upon us.

Interested? Give it a go yourself!

You can try it yourself by reading more about this on cloudflares information portal. Or read more about the article with Cointelegraph –