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  • Global Bitcoin Adoption Could Lead To Increased Global Warming

    You heard that right, but how exactly could worldwide bitcoin adoption, lead to global warming? Simple, mining, that very act of mining bitcoin, could be what causes the increase in temperature. If more and more people buy hardware to handle the transaction needs for all those new bitcoin users, the excess of all those devices solving transactions could be the issue.

    But I thought The Goal Was Worldwide Adoption?

    The end game is to have everyone on the planet ( and then some ) use bitcoin, however, the issue of mining needs to be resolved. Not only for the global warming aspect, but for the future of adoption, since right now, the days of buying a $40.00 bitcoin miner and making a profit off that within a month is over. So how do you encourage all those new miners to the bitcoin community?

    Alternative Ways Of Cryptocurrency Mining

    Currently, there are a few ways to mine cryptocurrency, using various mathematical proofs, and a device that solves said mathematical equations to resolve the difficulty puzzle. The device used to solve the difficulty puzzle is what is causing the alarm, and really just means our electrical devices will need to be made that much more efficient or other ways of mining will quickly disrupt the industry, with so much money at stake, it won’t be long.

    The Future Of Cryptocurrency Mining

    The future of all technology is amazing, just like what is going on with Bitcoinereum but the future of cryptocurrency has the potential to fastforward the human race by decades, with so much money on the table, just waiting for disruption, it’s no wonder there is already a push to find more efficient ways to mine at a increase to the profit margin!