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  • Kaspersky Says Botnets Are Being Repurposed For Cryptojacking

    What exactly is Cryptojacking? Well it’s the act of hijacking a computer for the sole reason to mine cryptocurrency. The act is actually very profitable, despite illegal, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, says Kaspersky.

    Bitnets are increasingly being pointed towards illegal software in hopes to hijack unsuspecting users of pirated software. The number of unique users being attacked by cryptojacking has increased significantly over the 1st three months of 2018. How such software is attacking, normally is through pirated software or injected malware from the common mediums, which are designed to harness the machine’s processing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

    Leaving DDoS In Search Of Riches With CryptoJacking

    Botnets such as the yoyo botnet have had their DDoS activity drop dramatically, with no data about the botnet being dismantled, reducing the possible activities to cryptojacking or other unknown activities. Cryptojacking is more common to be found in countries where pirated software laws are more relaxed, allowing for more potential victims to be entered into the pool of potential botnet hashing power.

    US users were said to be the least affected, making up only 1.33% of the total cryptojacking attacks detected, followed by Switzerland and Britain. However countries with lax piracy laws, such as Kazkhstan, Vietnam and Indonesia topped the list of victims to cryptojacking