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  • Want To Mine But No Hardware? No Problem For Bitcoinereum

    Mining bitcoin could lead to a global warming increase, unless some notes are taken from Bitcoinereum, a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain, that allows for cryptocurrency mining, without altcoin mining equipment. An ERC-20 token created in 2017, it’s called by devs the ” 1st minable ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain “.  Instead of using mining equipment, you can use a token, to call one function of the token’s smart contract.  The only thing that is needed is a few Ethereum to pay for the transaction fees.

    Smart Mining Contracts Act As CryptoCollectables

    Moving physical means to digital, now the aspect of mining Bitcoinereum, can be given away as if it was a asset, allowing for many other applications of this technology, that will no doubt help spur further innovation and exploitation. Bitcoinereum isn’t the 1st to do this, Artemine coin, was the origin of the concept and can be mined two ways, by calling the smart contract function by owning a Genesis address,  this is more like a digital collectible rather than just a cryptocurrency, since it’s always mining, based on it;s self mining process of it’s mathematical formula.

    As more use cases spur up, the physical burden of bitcoin mining could become a thing of the past.