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  • The Million Dollar Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

    If you’ve ever seen the movie ” Ready Player One ” there is something of a real life crypto version of the key quest afoot.

    Weak Passwords Means Stolen Crypto

    Weak passwords and poor security results in automatic altcoin theft.

    Brave Browser Rewards Users And Websites

    Brave browser puts advertising on the blockchain. Learn more about how Brave lets users and websites earn the cryptocurrency BAT.

    What Is Cryptojacking?

    What is cryptojacking? Cryptojacking is the unlawful use of a device to mine cryptocurrency. The act of forcing someone’s device to mine cryptocurrency doesn’t need to be that tech savvy. Many cryptojacking issues result from the code residing on a website, once users land on the website, the script goes to work, tricking the user’s … Read More

    PayPal Proceeds With Blockchain Startup Investment

    If you’ve been following cryptocurrency news, you’ve heard PayPal’s name get thrown around. Now the online payment company is actually following through with interest in blockchain technology, by investing in Cambridge Blockchain, a startup that helps manage sensitive data on the shared ledgers. In a extension of Series A funding, PayPal has invested an undisclosed … Read More