Brave Browser Rewards Users And Websites

  • Brave browser puts advertising on the blockchain. Learn more about how Brave lets users and websites earn the cryptocurrency BAT.

    brave browser

    A new kid is on the block, and it’s the Brave browser! Brave is a browser with innovative privacy features combined with a blockchain based digital advertising platform. The Brave browser can be used to tip Basic Attention Tokens to users via participating in viewing advertising. The BAT can also be tipped from the users to the website as form of appreciation for content providers. The blockchain of possibilities keeps growing!

    Advertising On The Blockchain

    Instead of forcing users to view ads as payment for viewing the website. Brave offers a new approach, to allow users to choose what ads they see and how frequently. While paying the ad viewer 70% of the BAT ad revenue, with the other 30% going to Brave. No information is collected from the user and ads are viewed via the desktop notifications, rather than over or next to web content. Brave even allows for the content creators to earn money from user tips directly or monthly user views.

    Web Browser Privacy Upgraded

    With a privacy browsing mode that includes ” private tabs with Tor “, it’s easy to see why this web browser stands out from the rest. According to Brave’s website, it’s browser can match the popular browser choices with correctly configured settings and extensions, out of the box. Brave will automatically use https when possible. The browser claims to even block known plugins that are security risks, by default!

    Couple this with decentralized search or AHREF’s search engine user profit sharing and the future of altcoins keeps looking bright!