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  • Search Engine On The Blockchain?

    With the latest news of AHREFs announcing it will be entering the search engine landscape, with a twist, a profit sharing modality. If we are to follow AHREFs correctly, to have the kind of accountability needed for search engine profit sharing based on content, one can see how the blockchain would naturally come to mind. … Read More

    Hurdles To Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption

    Currently cryptocurrency is growing, it’s come a long way from the infancy stage it was in, back in 2013, however it’s still in it’s toddler stages now, and needs more ethics and socialization experience. There’s no arguing that the blockchain technology alone can help humanity in a variety of ways, but if not steered correctly … Read More

    No Cryptocurrency Will, That’s A Big Problem

    With the recent issue with QuadrigaCX lost cryptocurrency millions, it’s a good time to bring up the importance of having a backup plan, in case of your untimely demise / passing from this plane of existence, in other words, a will, for cryptocurrency.  Since your funds will still be there, long after you aren’t to … Read More

    To Hodl Or Not To Hodl

    Back in 2013, altcoins weren’t really talked about as much as Bitcoin was, but whenever altcoins were mentioned, it was in the form of ” Holding “, ” Bagholders “, ” Hodor ” and ” Hodl “.  What these phrases really meant, was to hold onto your altcoin, as they would increase in value someday, … Read More