Search Engine On The Blockchain?

With the latest news of AHREFs announcing it will be entering the search engine landscape, with a twist, a profit sharing modality.

If we are to follow AHREFs correctly, to have the kind of accountability needed for search engine profit sharing based on content, one can see how the blockchain would naturally come to mind. It’s not disclosed how AHREFs would handle such a feat however they swear it’s not an April 1st joke.

AHREFs indexing is pretty good, from experience, it’s 2nd to Google, but it’s just that, second to Google, and even Google misses things still. That means there is a good chance of the 3rd party indexing issue where the bigger more deeper the pockets, the better the indexing. If a more community based approach is had, this could be a very positive endeavor. When 3rd party website indexing is more complete, a more accurate view of the internet can be seen, from backlinks to keyword rankings.

There are two types of website indexing, the kind of crawling a company will do to gather data to sell as a service. And the kind where search engines will crawl a website and rank webpages for keywords that users search for. Website indexing optimization is something the SEO community is very concerned about. If a website doesn’t get indexed by searchbots then the website will not show up on search engine result pages ( SERPs ).

There Are Other Decentralized Search Engines

A couple players in the decentralized search landscape come to mind, and hope to remove the monopoly currently had in search. However like any good idea, it’s a matter of execution and popularity. The biggest issue is marketing and incentives, how can you attract users to NOT use Google? That’s at the heart of what many are currently trying to accomplish, incentivizing the whole landscape of using the internet.

  • Presearch – is more of a community based search engine, tokens are earned by usage, contribution and promotion of the platform.
  • DeSearch – is a community based search engine as well, based more around security and privacy of users and businesses. Creating a ecosystem of data purchasing.

Whoever figures out the best platform to reshape search, will dictate the new norms, with the help of the very users who made the platform possible. The future is moving away from ” king of the hill ” mindsets and more of a ” planetary ” involvement. Of course, nothing will get rid of the importance of researching the right keywords and delivering content users want to read.