New to Cryptocurrency?

    Are you new to Bitcoin & Altcoin?

    Cryptocurrency, Altcoins / Bitcoin, Digital Currency, don't need to be these lofty buzzwords used without much understanding. They're really just new branding on currency but not just any currency, this currency has 100% roots online in the digital world. It's more of a evolution of money, coupled with the creative fluid that programming can be. From currency that just serves to handle transactions of goods and services to digital contracts that act like an online payment ledger that also has it's own value as well, to websites hosted, run and even registered on a DNS via an altcoin ( Namecoin ), Cryptocurrency has the power to change the world in ways we're only starting to see.

    Altcurrencyhelp was created out of the frustration of trying to learn as much as possible about the blockchain, bitcoin and altcoins, but most of the information was either scraped together from other sites without much input from the site itself and sites that did have good info were so spread out, it was just luck I happened to come across it. So since 2013, we've been trying to gather the information you want, couple that with helpful guides and ways to stay safe and also keep the information and site current enough so that people will even want to stay on the site and utilize the information we want to give out for free!