Where Can I buy Cryptocurrency?

    Where can you buy Bitcoin or Litecoin?

    If you don't want to mine Bitcoin, you can use Trusted exchanges, like CoinBase.com to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and even Ethereum through there really aren't many other Trusted exchanges to buy from, even long time exchange BTC-e.com went offline in Summer of 2017. You really don't have many options buying Bitcoin still, not from places that are using security and accountability, which I don't get, the need / demand is there for a new competitor to Coinbase to take shape and collect some of those sweet tasty cryptocurrency profits from eagar investors and users alike.

    There is also the mining issue, which techincally could still be considered " buying Bitcoin " since you have to NOW spend a hefty amount of money for a miner machine or hardware to build a network of miners yourself. Not just money, but some serious logistics and math needs to go into the planning of building a mining rig, since one won't do squat, you're going to want to put some serious hashing power into the chosen cryptocurrency network to even hope for a ROI. Then you need to also plan for equipment burnouts, failures, electricity costs, heating / safety ( so you don't burn your house, shed, hidden spot at work or even your government facility down ).

    Either way you go, hanging onto Bitcoin or Litecoin is going to be your smart, safe bet, unless you're a risk taker and want to try your hand at arbitrage, these are more long games then short.