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    Warning: Be careful with how you use cryptocurrency exchanges, don't use passwords you use for personal stuff for one and don't put more into one then you're ok with loosing if they happen to just close up shop one day with little more than a rumor. These kinda stories heard in the past are not ones you'd want to repeat, so please be careful with how you use altcoin and bitcoin exchanges and keep paperwork of what you do use, because you will most likely get a letter from the taxman asking for their cut and if you don't have the proof to show how much, you might be on the hook for more than you want.

    The owner of this site has used around 35 different exchanges from 2012 - 2017, by the end of that period there was only 5 exchanges left running. That's just an example of how long the average cryptocurrency exchange lifecycle can be and has been in the past and why I always advise caution when using one. Another thing to be aware of is cryptocurrency stock purchasing, if it's not regulated or on some type of offical documentation that would hold up in court, it's not worth the money you're buying it for, don't get altcoin scammed!