Who Accepts Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin and Litecoin Are Accepted At More And More Merchants

    Bitcoin was the 1st to really gain merchant acceptable interest, just because it was the 1st, and more people know about it. Then you have services like Gift.com which is a site that lets you buy giftcards are popular places for bitcoin. NewEgg.com is another that accept bitcoin. Take a look at these other places that accept Bitcoin, you may be surprised, Bitcoin Merchants.

    As for Litecoin, a list of merchants is growing for them as well, take a look Litecoin Merchants maybe they aren't your most popular of places, but still is a good selection of goods and services.

    Dogecoin, Ethereum, and many others have their other niche marketplaces as well. It's all about what the cryptocurrency can do, what features it has, and how it makes YOUR life ( the user ) easier to even want to keep using it. Without those key factors, having a marketplace for your cryptocurrency is like having a picnic without food. Focus on the user's needs, how to make their life easier and you'll have the foundation of a successful cryptocurrency.