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  • Streaming Platform Play2Live Start Beta Testing Of It’s Blockchain

    Play2Live has launched it’s closed beta testing of it’s own blockchain platform for streaming. Currently Play2Live is in it’s user buildup phase, gathering interest from gamers and influencers alike. The concept hopes to have tokens available for purchase and earning through the platform itself and said tokens can be used for everything from voting, tipping, … Read More

    How Copyright On The Blockchain Might Work

    Can anyone post my content without my permission? Not currently, however the future is full of disruption, and content is at the heart of such. It’s a technical issue preventing content from being distributed, but the technology to change this isn’t that difficult and is only a matter of time before content copyright issues spring … Read More

    Hackers Steal $59 Million From Japanese Exchange

    The Cryptocurrency Exchange Caif has reported that $59 Million dollars in cryptocurrencies was stolen via a breach in security where hot wallets were able to be accessed and drained. On September 14th 2018 – 4.5 Billion yen was stolen from hot wallets 2.2 Billion yen was stolen from the exchange themselves totaling 6.7 Billion yen … Read More

    Blockchain Powered Electric Vehicles That Can Mine Altcoins Too!

    Yes, you read that right, electric cars, powered by the blockchain that can mine cryptocurrency too, sounds like a dream come true to many, however, we know there is always more to the story. Cointelegraph released a story about a Singapore startup company that intends on launching these blockchain mining electric vehicles. Operating Business with … Read More

    Cloudflare Introduces New Decentralized Content Gateway

    This is a big deal, it means that Cloudflare will now have the ability to distribute content via it’s Interplanetary File System ( IPFS ),  with a distributed web gateway, you could securely view files from anyone, anywhere in the world using the SAME address, so a reduction in fraud and fake newsites could be … Read More