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  • Almost $1 Billion Stolen So Far This Year Via Cryptocurrency Hacks

    It’s no surprise that the cryptocurrency industry is growing, and so is the total amount hackers are going home with. The total amount roughly $927 million has been moved from legit hands to less legit hands and many of these hacks were preventable. Just one of the altcoin hacks made up more than half of … Read More

    The Rise Of The Consumer Via Decentralized Blockchains

    Bitcoin has come along way, and so have the altcoin ecosystem. Many altcoins have fallen to be a fraction of their worth, to some being powerhouses of the cyrptocurrency world. New technologies and patents alongside big companies such as IBM,¬†Deloitte, Walmart, NewEgg, and many more have joined ranks with new startsups to form some unique … Read More

    TD Ameritrade backs new cryptocurrency exchange ErisX

    The retail brokerage firm TD Ameritrade, announced it would be investing in a brand new cryptocurrency exchange named ErisX. The exchange will allow investors to trade: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin Bitcoin Futures The CFTC Hurdle and the road to Bitcoin futures trading The Exchange is built by derivative market provider Eris Exchange and is … Read More

    235 million Pigeoncoins printed by Hacker during fork due to non updated Code

    Pigeoncoin was the recent altcoin to see what happens, when you don’t update your source code, after using a clone of bitcoin, in a recent hack, an unknown exploiter, showed off a bug that allowed non-updated code, to be hijacked and used to instamine / print the cryptocurrency to the tune of 235 million altcoins, … Read More

    Australian Firm Vicinity To Trial Blockchain Solar Power Blockchain Project

    Vicinity a $42 Billion in total real estate management, touts it will be testing a new blockchain project that will measure it’s solar power grid’s energy needs to figure out if it will stay with it’s solar panel project or move to the national energy grid. The blockchain platform, that will be delivered by Power … Read More