Cryptocurrency Mining Pools

    Popular Bitcoin & Altcoin Mining Pools & Information on how to use them

    What is a Mining Pool?

    It's a place where many people mine BTC or Altcoin blocks together by combining their hashing power instead of going solo.

    Of course the more power you put in the more money you will get out compared to the rest in the pool. This is by far the most popular way to mine now, due to the price to power ratio for mining, certainly with Bitcoin, sometimes newer altcoins are solo mined by many at 1st due to the low amount of power needs for the begining blocks, but as time goes on, just like Bitcoin has, those blocks will get smaller in reward while becoming harder to solve and requiring more power both in electricity and hash rate.

      Some popular mining pools are:
    • - A old and reliable mining pool, available algorithms ( SHA-256, Scrypt, x11 )
    • - Bitcoin mining pool.
    • - More of a mining pool & exchange.
    • Mining pools can also be found here - Mining Pools