Cryptocurrency Wallet Trouble

    Bitcoin & Altcoin Wallet Issues? Let's Get Some Answers!

    Cryptocurrency wallets are important, they are also unforgiving, by that I mean, forget your password, AND YOUR WORDS! you're S.O.L. and the maker of the wallet, will not recover your account for you. Wallets use 12 worded sentences when you create the wallet, and use that to recover the password created with the wallet in case you forget it. You're not going to remember that, so either write it down or use an encrypted password storage system, I personally think writing them down and storing them in a fireproof box / security box / safe is a much better route, because if you do run into ransomeware, your money isn't held random, just the PC, your money is actually stored on the blockchain and the wallet is communicating with the blockchain, so you can recover your money on another uninfected computer or device.

    Remember, the 12 word recovery phrase is your life line as well as regular backups of your wallet. Failure to follow these steps will result in you loosing access to your wallet.