Cryptocurrency Blog


    Welcome and pardon the mess, after a few months of maintenance and site redesigns, I'm finally happy with the way this version turned out and will be adding content daily.

    This has been a passion project from the start and as well a demostration of my skills and resolve.

    While not in Drupal 8 just as yet, that is in the works and will be rolled out once I'm happy with the results, the install is already setup and you can take a peak at my work if you so desire here, it's Drupal 8, with a basic theme. Upon further thinking, I'm not sure drupal will be used much more than for blogging and possibly a learning portal, time will tell.


      The site is coming along rather nicely, working on SEO and content now. Cryptocurrency help still isn't as widepread as I'd thought it would be 5 years after Bitcoin took off, so that's what makes sites like this one even more important to maintain and keep current.

      As of yesterday I started participating in MMOWGLI A U.S. Navy's public attempt at innovating and problem solving for the future of A.I. and so far, I've found more uses for the blockchain and cryptocurrency in the learning and research level on a mass scale than I would of ever thought before. Opinions and even concepts could be rewards with payment and stored on the blockchain for A.I. to learn from at anytime. All are welcome to join, just click the link above and go from there, it's more of a thought / idea game than anything else, but very fun and eye opening if you are even the least bit interested in A.I. and machine learning.

      Stay tuned for more content updates and functionality, tell friends and family about this site if they aren't sure what you're even going on about, if this site doesn't answer their question, tell them to message us with the question and we'll not only give them an answer but craft further content to address that question so others who may have will be able to answer themselves.