Future Of Altcoins

    Altcoins Future

    The future of altcoins isn't written yet, but it's not hard to imagine how the landscape may play out. From a plethra of altcoins, all measuring and recording data of their specific area, are being traded in the exchanges automated and setup for humanity to basically collect devidends without much effort or thought. A world built on the very information that altcoins and their respective blockchains handle and transact on a daily basis, allowing for such networks demanded of a futuristic society and it's framework.

    Multi-Faceted altcoins that seaminglessly integrate into the very products worn by humanity and sold by marketers. A world where not just advertising blends into a mathematical dreamscape of statistical ratios crunched by predictive blockchains, whos sole purpose is to handle the massiv amounts of metadata involved in the predictive marketing landscape. A society saved on a daily basis not by human savivors, but a slew of robotic 1st responders, relying on a blockchain of updates, relay calls and destress logistics, able to utilize the super computing A.I. needed to conduct such a symphony of code.

    Schools will be destined for the blockchain, since they are easily synced with one another via it's vast underbelly and node network, no longer will kids be able to exploit flaws or cracks in an education system. However you think about it, the future of Altcoins is rather interesting and certainly intriguing.

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