Hurdles To Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption

Currently cryptocurrency is growing, it’s come a long way from the infancy stage it was in, back in 2013, however it’s still in it’s toddler stages now, and needs more ethics and socialization experience. There’s no arguing that the blockchain technology alone can help humanity in a variety of ways, but if not steered correctly by us, the people, then we have a bigger problem as it’s used against our freedoms.

Right now, we have the ability to really level the playing field of economics, we can create the universal basic income of the future, today and deliver a whole new source of revenue to those who would actually utilize it to create a better tomorrow.

Trust Is Cryptocurrency Transparency

We need more trust, since we need more people to want to be a part of this technology and really community. We cannot obtain those newcomers if we aren’t being honest and open about how the technology we’re developing actual can help and not what it could do if everything falls into place correctly, we need a current feature plan, not tomorrows, yet.

All many outside of the blockchain community see right now, are hacked exchanges, slow blockchains, mining hardware that costs way too much to learn with now, and issues where even multi million dollar altcoin exchanges aren’t able to maintain their cryptocurrency wallet passwords, why would the average person feel it’s for them confidently?

Usher In The Age Of Altcoin Knowledge

The people need to learn, they cannot learn without the information properly organized for them, not conveniently anyways. We the cryptocurrency community, can help that, by answering the important questions and then some, by guiding the newly interested to the altcoin information they deserve!